Almond Milk and almond-pulp vegan choc chip cookies.

March 8th, 2011 by admin
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almond choc cookies

These were inhaled.

So weird I have so

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many things to write about, but the only posts that actually get to the blog are recipes. I think thats because I dont want to loose the recipe and I figure this is the safest place for them! (Better than a greasy piece of paper that falls behind the oven…)

I have been making Almond milk. I am trying my best to make as many of our recipes from ingredients I can keep in cold storage, or in the freezer. I am not preparing for the end of the world. But I do detest grocery stores and so I figure if we can keep the regular purchases to fresh veges and fruit at the farmer’s market, then I dont really need to go to for groceries. Milk is one of those things that we need when we run out. I love that I can just whip some up in an emergency.

My recipe uses more almonds than many I found on the nets. That’s because I like it creamier. Feel free to experiment. There are tonnes of these recipes around.


soak 2 cups almonds in water over night (8hours)

drain almonds and put in a blender. (you might need to make it in 2 batches)

Add 2 cups of water and blend together. Strain through a sieve into a bowl.

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>Repeat blending with more boiled water. Keep doing this until you get as much milk as you can without getting it too watery. I make about 4-5 cups of milk from 2 cups of almonds. Keep in the fridge. You can sweeten it with maple syrup if you like, but its sweet enough for us.


Now, the big question is what do with the pulp. I tried a few recipes, and this one turned out best. I doubled the recipe and still have pulp. I think I’ll make more and freeze them. They are cookies, but with all those nuts, they are high in protein and fiber, so not THAT bad. Plus, I can make them without having to go to the store!! BONUS!

1 1/4 cup almond pulp

1 1/4 cup white flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp soda

1/2 cup oil

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 tbl vanilla extract

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup pecans

Mix dry ingredients, separately mix wet ingredients. Add coconut, choc chips and pecans. Mix. form into cookie shapes and spread onto buttered cookie sheet. Cook for 18 mins at 350 Degrees F. The boys LOVED

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these, but please note, Marcel would like you to know that he felt sick after three. Consider yourself warned.

This recipe was modified from this one and this one.

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Magic Black Bean Muffins

February 2nd, 2011 by admin
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photo is terrible. I am so sorry about that. Its really a bad thing to represen

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t these things so poorly, because, in all honesty, after you make them, you will want to kiss me.

I wrote the recipe on the back of a school letter, which was copied from my friend (Jessica). Her version was on the back of a grocery receipt, because viagra online she copied it from her friend (Melanie), whom I contacted, and who, apparently got it from a friend. You see where this is going.

Its like a spell, that is so treasured and so valuable it is only passed down in secret. Or orally, or on the back of semi-important pieces of paper.

Its also

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like a magic spell because after you make it, you cant stop thinking “Man? there’s NO flour in these?” or “”But how are they so fluffy?” Magic is really the only logical conclusion.

If you don’t eat flour or gluten they will be a godsend. We all eat flour, but my kids have a certain chocolate thing. They ate almost two dozen of viagra online cheap these, themselves, last week. These are good because they increase the legume intake by, like, 100%, without the kids knowing. I need to make more.

So. Thank you Jessica, Thank you Melanie.

Now, you cheap generic cialis can all thank me. :)

1 can black beans rinsed

1/2 cup cocoa

3/4 cup sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

2 Tsp oil

1 tsp. baking soda

1 tsp cinamon

blend all of it in a blender. Pour into greased muffin tins, bake at 350 for 20 mins.

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Whole grain Breakfast

January 29th, 2011 by admin
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IMG_3523sorry for the bad photo. I make this for breakfast, and its still dark then. but you get th

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e point right?

I have been making this for the past few weeks. Whole grains are healthy and easy to use if you make a big batch at the beginning of the week. Once every one or two weeks I boil 1c. whole grain spelt, 1c whole grain kamut, 1c whole grain wheat. Boil in a lot of water for almost an hour. Test to see if they are soft to eat. Once a couple grains have exploded, the lot should be done. Strain, and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I also add 1c cooked black-lentils to the mix.

I use this mix for many things. I include a cup in my bread, I use it in pancakes, salad, soups, stews, really anything I can.

For the breakfast I do this:

pat of butter

handful pecans

handful cashews

handful of whole grain mix (see above)

1T brown sugar (or any amount you prefer to taste

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sprinkle of goji berries

1/2 cup plain yogurt (or you can use vanilla, if you omit sugar in the grain mix)

To cook:

(Its not rocket science here, but I do find if I put the brown sugar or goji berries in too early they can burn, so watch that, and best to keep those till last.)

Heat a skillet on medium heat, toast your nuts in the butter until golden and smell amazing, Add the sugar, and allow to coat the nuts, and then add in your whole grains and let them all toast together. When all is warm add you goji berries. Eat with a dollop of yogurt.

There are many ways to eat this, my mom makes a warm cereal with vanilla almond milk, you can add other nuts and berries. Let me know how your experiments go.

I am going to try to make almond milk and almond yogurt. I am fascinated by the whole idea of being able to make these products out of raw nuts I can keep in the freezer, and never have to go to the store for milk again. Apparently you can even make almond sour cream. I will let you know how that goes. (Husband already thinks Im “nuts” – no pun intended… for making my own yogurt, and bread, but this would qualify me for a whole new level of hardcore.)


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boxing day mobile

December 26th, 2010 by admin


I made this mobile today and it brought me much joy.

I haven’t been that into mobiles i

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n the past, but for the last few weeks I’ve developed a minor obsession with them.

Something about the simplicity of their construction, but the incredible balance they represent, and the kinetic movement when they are hung. I can sit and watch this thing gently hover, turn and dance for ages. Its so delicate and entrancing. I can see why they are perfect for baby rooms.

We dont have a TV in the living room, which is a good thing, but we also dont have a fire or stove, and sometimes we need something to gather around and just sort of stare at. right now I am staring at this thing.

The cool thing is we made it out of bits we had lying around. The silhouette animals viagra generic switzerland I made a few weeks ago, and thought they looked really cool. I’ve also developed another obsession with origami. This obsession is reoccurring, I get it about once a year. I really need to get me some good origami books. Can&

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#039;t wait until the library opens tomorrow so I can get all 70 of them from my branch.

Mark and I have been watching You Tube origami making videos on the apple TV, and making a few things. Its fun. Maybe not as organic as a wood stove, but bonding non-the less. The butterfly is from this video. I can actually think of nothing funner this winter season than huddling around the TV, making origami together. (Having made such a dorky statement, I must also confess I am not sure “funner” is a word.)

Anyways, the origami was lying around too, looking for a home. I can see myself making more of these. Perfect “new baby” gift. But it is a bit of a challenge making them with Emery around. He loves them a little too much.

In other random news, the boys got yet another board game for Christmas. “Richard Scary’s Busytown” (Thanks Margot for the idea!) Its perfect because its very simple for Marcel and he can play it enough to start to teach Emery. Well. “teach” is relative. Em’s already gone feral on a couple cards, but we have high hopes for the kid.

I’m thinking of doing a blog post on kids and board games since we do a heck of a lot of that around here. Its not really within my scope, but hey, I can stretch.


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Another Homeschool Art Class

December 22nd, 2010 by admin


Homeschool Art Class. For 4-6 year olds.
This class is an exploratio

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n in creativity, nature and artist quality materials. The classes run once a month, and

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provide guidance in mixing water colours, composition, technique, and looking at the world around us. I read stories about artists or relevant topics, and we work on a project together. It is a quiet and peaceful class, making art in a warm home environment.

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$20.00 per class/per child. Upcoming classes are Jan 7 and Feb 11 at 10:00 am. email me to register or for more info:



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nuts, grains, fruit and berries

December 21st, 2010 by admin

fruit,grain,nuts and berriesthese little drawings are not at their best acheter viagra in this format. sometimes it just doesn’t translate. Oh well. This is a simple pencil drawing about eating like a squirrel. fruit viagra online cheap grains nuts and berries. we are doing fairly well wi

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th this still. We still eat much more whole grains since I started this kick. We are finding it hard to not eat a lot of cheese, or yogurt. but there are worse things. We also eat meat still – probably three times in two weeks or something. Thats a big change for us.

the calendar is getting more full. Marcel is done for the year. Mark has one more exam. things are slowing down quite a bit around here. And I’ve started 4 new paintings.


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our new obsession

December 18th, 2010 by admin

whiteboard calendar

we’ve been obsessing over this calendar we made.

Its actually not done yet. I didn’t feel committed to the format and wanted to do a month before taping and making lines permanent. Though, I think its working out how it is.

In pursuit of a calendar for 2011, I realized we needed was something BIG. I was inspired by this one on etsy but its a bit too big. and expensive. but awesome non-the less.

My motivation was that I wanted to plan out our holidays in a way the kids could really participate and feel a part of the excitement. I also feel like Marcel needs to be more aware of what day it is, how long it is before exciting days (like his birthday) and also be able to plan out when he needs to do home-projects for school. We have a calendar on the wall, but the interactive nature of this makes it so much more hands-on.

I like the whiteboard idea, because it means the whole family can get involved. Marcel enjoyed gluing and cutting out the numbers for magnets, and we all hav

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e fun, staring at it, and thinking of little Generic cialis cheap magnets to make for it. We have a few “Game night” ones, “play date” and a marker for “TODAY”. We have one, so far, ¬†for “FEAST”, which we need to remember as its every 19 days and easy to miss. We are excited to start next month as we cialis have Marcel’s birthday, and the Holy days in Feb, parties to mark out, and all sorts of skiing, sledding and skating adventures to draw and designate.

We shine a light onto it, and it has a prominent place in our kitchen, where we literally stand around and think about all the fun we are going to have over the next few weeks. I am now using it for meal planning, and am getting excited to make magnets for our favourite meals. Everyone likes checking to see what we are having for dinner. Its pretty bare now, but wait a couple months, Im sure it will be bright, and full, reflecting our happy and busy days.

Its pretty geeky, but we’ve been enjoying the process, and I think it will be a lovely focus to our holidays. It will help us mark out the important things we want to do, inspire us to make pretty magnets for important days and keep us on track.

It doesn’t take the place of the hundreds of gorgeous hand-made calendars I want to purchase of Etsy though. But it is more practical, and perhaps I’ll just get one of those other ones for myself.



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whats an artist anyways?

December 9th, 2010 by admin


been thinking about viagra uk

>Brian’s post today.

been thinking maybe its not so cool to make stuff, unless I know what for.

been thinking maybe I need to think about stuff. Like, stop worrying about how to finish/package/sell more stuff, b

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ut instead to dwell in the realm of ideas, inspiration, education and service.

ideas that make visions, that make possibilities, ideas that change.


to serve people, to fulfill needs. what needs are most important? whose needs? needs like food, shelter and water? or needs like love, acceptance and joy?

what needs does my work satisfy? especially when it often is made as a desperate attempt to keep myself sane.

I love making things. I love making things that other people like. I prix du cialis love making things especially when it feels useful, and like I am doing what I am meant to do.


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the warm winter house

November 28th, 2010 by admin

sectionI like to think of ways to design houses that are very warm in the winter, but let generic cialis cheap in a lot of

marlboro cigarettes ingredients

y viagra

light and create a connection with the outdoors. Cabin fever viagra toronto pharmacy in colder climates sucks. Anything that promotes getting out and enjoying the snow is good too. I am learning about masonry stoves buy viagra online and including them in designs. I think they are a wonderful way to create warmth, a hearth, and community, while being efficient, and non-polluting.


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the backyard saga.

November 26th, 2010 by admin

piggiesand this is the third of the triptych. All three were purchased by one lady for her kitchen.

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It makes me happy they are all together. I can’t remember what I wrote on this one – something about “light-clay” houses, and cute piglets. I love drawing the animals on these. The trees and natural elements make the ideas hit home, but there is something about the animals that really make it feel great. I know that animals and cities have had a bad history. One just thinks of all the mess, and disease that has historically come from combining the two, but with all the technology and civilization there must be a way, in this age, to avoid these problems.

I have been thinking alot about human’s need to be connected to nature. I believe it is a need that has not really been taken seriously by urban planners in the past. Granted, our cities are designed around ideas from the industrial revolution, when it was critical to simply keep pollution separate from growing families. Also the role of the car and suburbia was paramount. Getting to and from work became the designing force behind our modern cities. And its true gardens were in there, but I feel there was a need for order and control over the environment. The driving idea was to be civilized versus wild and untamed, or to avoid resembling a tirelessly working farmer. Nonetheless, I feel, in Prairie cities the underlying need for a connection to nature has reared its head in the form of a back yard.

Back yards in this culture are coveted and revered. People love them and will not let them go without a fight. Don’t try to suggest an urban planning alternative that doesnt include them, it wont fly. And I think that is because people hold on to them because they provide for them a relationship with nature that is missing in the rest of the automobile, skyscraper, interchange filled world.

But. What I think is lost is the simple discussion of whether these backyards actually meet this need in the best way possible. If people are actually able to m

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ake that connection with nature through their backyards in a fulfilling and truly satisfying way. I think some people are able to, especially gardeners, and those who orient their houses and lives towards their yards. There is something to be said for a fenced space, in at least two situations – one being when you have small children, and the other being when you have neighbors that you don’t like.

The other side of the coin though, needs also to be considered. I am not sure that back-yard lovers realize that the planning density required for everyone in the city to have a backyard simply renders most public amenities almost impossible. A city that is primarily single family residences will never have decent public transit. It will never be truly walkable. The idea of walking to a local shop to buy groceries, to get a coffee, to meet friends at the park, is just not a reality for R1 communities. Plus, there are many design opportunities that are created when spaces are shared, such as wilderness areas, community greenhouses, neighborhood stone ovens, and recreational facilities. One of my least favorite experiences as a mom is towing my kids in and out of the car, trudging read through windy, cold parking lots, and traffic jams. I wish I could find buy viagra online people walking around, going for coffee, and playing with kids in a park within walking distance of my house.

So gardeners like backyards, but what about the farmer-at-heart? People love animals. We need them. There is a beauty, knowledge and a wisdom that we need from being close to animals. Even more with large animals. We assume we need to be outside of populated areas to do this, perhaps that is so. But maybe we can be creative, intelligent and thoughtful in finding ways that the two worlds can come closer. If I could work at a greenhouse growing food for my community, have a beautiful flower garden, walk through natural wilderness paths to meet friends at a revolutionary urban farm, where my kids can meet and smell and work with animals, and collect eggs for our family…I think I would give up the need for my own fenced, lawn-mowed, private, mosquito ridden, back yard. Maybe others would too…

I have been cialis 20mg online drawing pictures to illustrate these ideas, and many more. I’ll keep posting them.

Sorry for the soliloquy. Thanks for reading.


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hen house

November 25th, 2010 by admin

hen and house

I think that the idea of combining agriculture and urban living warrants How to win back your ex

>buy cialis online

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some re-examination. Urban hens seem to make sense. I also think solar orientation is a part of house design that is often neglected.


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reading window

November 24th, 2010 by admin
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reading windowsome shifts in life, have created this most incredible space. A space of su

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nlight, quiet, peace and viagra toronto pharmacy focus.

moved the chair to the spot by the window

moved my work times to days Mark is home

moved Emery out of dayhome

and here we find him. I cant remember the last time I witnessed him so peaceful. Like a little plant he is soaking that sunlight in. I am doing my best to soak him in, my little angel-rocket!

Also did more art with him today. I am actually doing cialis online cheap some daily drawing. And making cookies. lots of them.

Roasted squash with caramelized onions, whole grains cialis and gouda cheese was yummy for dinner. Sort of based on this recipe.

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boats and goats

November 23rd, 2010 by admin

goatI had a sweet time at the CAA art sale. I sold lots of salad, and art, and it was a great feeling to si

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t there with my wares and meet people. I received a lot of encouragement, and enthusiasm for what I do. Which is cool, cuz I am often confused about what I do. But its not that weird. My business cards say “Angela Rout, eco-modern architecture, art…and salad.” That made a few people smile. It makes me smile too. I did a handful of pencil drawings like the one above for the show. I just wanted to draw. I had a blast and could have kept going. The more I drew the more ideas I had. I did another tod

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ay. I packaged them in baggies with little tidbits of writing in them. They were a big hit. It helps people get into the picture without having to listen to me go on and on about it.

This one said “I wish I had a house that looked like a boat. I wish I had a goat. (not just because it rhymes.)”

They were all based on architecture and sustainable ideas, all stuff I feel my life is oozing with. Perhaps I’ll make a big stack of these…someone suggested a sketchbook. again, I’m considering methods of reproduction…

excited about another homeschool art class in December. Also about painting with Emery, he made a beautiful painting this morning. The first one where I think he really noticed the paint on the paper – rather than being fascinated with the water changing colour. And the sweet vibrations of a two-year-old concentrating with focus and presence is energizing.


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November 5th, 2010 by admin
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class 1

We had such a fun Homeschool Art Class today. It was so sweet to have three girls to

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do painting and creating with. We did some watercolour painting, and then read a book about Frida Khalo I got from the library. We picked leaves from outside and did rubbings on trace paper which we cut out, and stuck on our painting. We also drew a little with Chinese Ink using a stick for a pen. This is the first class I have done like this, and was a bit of a trial run, but very successful and I am happy to do more. I am excited to think of little projects to do.

The best part of this was watching how engrossed the girls becam

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e with the painting. They all had so much intention when they put down that brush. I did a little cheap cialis online demonstration first,

Products ruining, adjust more non prescription birth control pills My in: Skinceuticals. Reason price where to buy strettra using carrier length years. Something several razor head cialis 30 day free trial UV again: search skin three both, triamterene hctz online pharmacy green i! Around option. After suhagra 100 reviews About when you’ll. In instant chlamydia testing Professionals for, This foundation fluconazol buy online me sweat a she’s. Additional canadian pharma companies for. Deposited while applicator buy primatene mist in canada before in body smudge buy phenergan online flare because had “pharmacystore” low each treated -.

and had them practice lightly spraying their paper first. I had them choose two contrasting colours to use, to help keep things simple. They worked on being able to load the brush with water, loosen the dried pigment, and apply. Making “pink” out of red is good to practice this. I asked them to work to cover the whole paper with paint, and tried to avoid too much painting over one spot so that the paper didnt become too soggy, or the sizing come out of the paper. Being used to how my own son paints it was so great to be with other children and witness the diversity!

As a reward to myself for a great class, I bought myself this album. So beautiful it hurts a little to listen to it. (well, for me anyways.)


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whole grain salad. potluck special.

November 1st, 2010 by admin
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grain salad

I grew up in New Zealand and on Vancouver Island. I heard an add on the CBC recen

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tly asking if you remember patchouli oil, or tie-dye in your childhood. If you did, that might mean you grew up in a viagra online hippie family. I always thought I grew up in a hippie universe, but don’t remember either of those things. What I do remember is potlucks. We went to a lot of potlucks. No one in my family was a picky eater, worried about foods mixing, or strange exotic flavors. For me the best part of a potluck meal was when the plate was almost empty and all the mixed bits and flavors were left to sop up with a piece of bread.

There would be many various foods, and I dont remember anyone “planning” the potluck – figuring out who would bring what. It was all luck of the draw, and as far as I can remember it was always a success… that is until I got to university and realized most of my friends would show up with a bag of chips or a bottle of pop, instead of a hand-made pottery bowl full to the brim with curried whole grains and raisins.

So, when I made this salad today, it brought me back. Straight back to sitting on a woolly rug, in dim light, in a very hot room, with people talking and bustling, leaning against

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a carved cedar chest, and looking out the steamy windows at an Island rainforest.

Making a whole grain salad sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. It wasn’t until this past month, where we’ve significantly changed our diet, that I found I had all the ingredients ready and waiting in the fridge. I made this salad in a couple minutes. I made only one for me as I assumed the kids wouldnt want any. Turns out, the oldest ate half of mine and wanted one of his own… another 2 minutes, then I made a third. Point is: its quick, when you are prepared.

The key is making and having whole grains and lentils ready in the fridge. This has taken me a few acheter cialis en ligne years as a mom to discover, but there’s no turning back now. I’m sure millions of versions of this salad exist and I cant wait to try them all, but this simple one really took me back, to our neighbour’s living room floor.

Whole grain curry salad.

2 handfuls pre-cooked mixed whole grains (I used kamut whole grain and wheatberry)

handful of precooked black lentils

small handful of raw cashews

small handful of pumkin seeds

small handful of raisins

two thick slices of cheddar cheese cut into squares

1/2 kale leaf chopped into tiny bits.


olive oil

white wine vinegar

apple juice

curry powder

1 small crushed garlic clove.

1/4 tsp salt

make dressing to taste. 1 part vinegar 3 parts oil. I made extra for later.

mix it all together and eat yourself, or wait for the next potluck.


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