The Camping Master List



This may not be a very poetic post. Nor may it be inspiring, but to those list lovers of the world, I present you my humble master camping list. So that you may take it, work with it, change it, let it guide you, so that you may never forget an important item (or even slightly-unimportant-but oh-so-special item) while sojourning in the wilderness again.

We have small car. We have two kids, one of them is a baby. Needless to say we have a lot of stuff to bring. (even without counting the bikes and bike trailer – which fit on the outside and roof.) We have found our stuff fits into the car just so. We have found containers that fit into our car and what fits in them is what we can bring. So I have organized my list as such. (In retrospect I cant believe we bring all this!!) Please get the list as a PDF here:
Camping List

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Our recent camping trip to Little Elbow Campsite in Kananaskis was simply beautiful. We are starting to refine the whole packing process, and the camping with kids scene. The baby still eats all the rocks, so the babyhawk mei tai gets a lot of use out there. Nonetheless, there are moments, like the one in the picture above, where the baby and I can sit, smell mountain air, and enjoy being together. Then, its worth it.

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