the ocean


so, its been a while.

Driving up here I had so many memories, of the ocean. Spending time with my friends family in Sointula, Port Mc Neil, At Ferries, Camping in Tofino, The islands, New Zealand, yeah, so many memories, and Ive been aching to spend time by the ocean recently.

And now. Here I am.

We spent a couple hours with the kids today looking for crabs under rocks, making new memories, dragging kelp up the beach, eating packed sandwiches, talking to the locals.

Is this ocean craving thing just me? Sometimes I feel a little over-the-top sea-crazy… is anyone else out there like this? Did you grow up on an island too? Are you now living, land-locked in the prairies? If so, I can relate. Let me tell you…I truly can relate!

Anyways, enough of all that. We are half way through our trip. A few more glorious days in the north part of the island and then back tot he Cowichan valley before heading to Tofino. ¬†Marcel got a bit too much sun today, due to a strange turn of events that lead to a miss communication where three adults thought that the other two put sun block on him. That sucked. Thankfully, he has his father’s skin and not mine – or else he’d be toast.

Im thinking a lot about my art school when I get back, and day dreaming about light clay buildings. I tell you, light clay is something you have to experience to understand. I want everything made out of it. It defies your whole idea of comfort in a space. And, as far as I can tell, it has yet to be really explored as a design medium. 

OK, heres the deal. I need a piece of land – with lots of trees, water running though it – preferably some ocean. Then I need some clay, some willing helpers, a little extra cash for things like roofs, and cement mixers… and then – oh – lets say 5 to 10 summers. We’ll have buildings and designs and ideas that make earth feel like heaven… I’ll make a house for you then too.

3 Responses to “the ocean”

  1. admin says:

    ooo! I am so excited about all the chicken flurry going on right now in calgary… maybe we’ll actually be able to get a hen… when we get back… and if we had a yard!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Angie,

    Glad to hear you guys are having a superb time connecting with the ocean, nature and family/friends! The articles Gisele referred to made the front page of the SUN yesterday! (I made a copy for you for when you get home.)


  3. gisele says:

    I get the ocean thing, we’re like that with the mountains. A connection to the earth – it feeds your soul, don’t ya think? I’m making a list of just such things for my next blog post.

    Have you heard – the chicken by-law has been in the news today, I keep missing it, though.


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