Thursday – from the studio – "House in the Forest"

house in the forest

I finally have another painting to post. In the past week I've started another painting frenzy.

This one is called “House in the Forest.” (yeah, I'm not so original with titles.) Watercolour on paper, 20cm x 30cm.

I started

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the whole tree thing while out on the coast. If you remember the paintings I did last winter, they were mostly orange and brown and had a definite “Prairie” feel. There is something profoundly different about being surrounded by trees, than out on an

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open field. Trees become a filter for light, they hide stories, and mysteries. Forests were enchanted, or haunted in fairy tales, and I can see why. When you are in a forest it is easy to get lost, to feel disoriented, to be followed. I am sure there were times when to be in a forest was even dangerous. Now though, to be surrounded by trees, for me, is an amazing feeling. Having grown up in Rain Forest environment – Vancouver Island and New Zealand, I feel comfortable in wet, moist, light-filtered, green, and mossy forests. There are days that I yearn for them.

I am happy that this painting seems to keep all these stories, the magic and the beauty of the forest within it.


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