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Hello. Welcome to Lilac Window. This is a personal blog that attempts to address some aspects of creative, families in Calgary.

I have just launched my website for the school I am starting in September. You can see the site at

The posts range from autobiographical to, hopefully, informative. I believe in a holistic approach to a better community. I would love it if this blog helps us access our creativity, discuss solutions to the big problems in the world, and apply them in the small scale.

I have just put my portfolio online. you can view it at

The blog is ever-growing, and is just starting out, so please update your RSS feeds, so you can keep up with the posts.

We finished a five week camping trip with the family this summer, you can access the story and daily posts by clicking on TRAVEL in the side bar.

I post my current paintings, and you can see them by clicking on ART in the side bar.

Please stay a little, browse, and leave a comment, I'd love to have your feedback.

Angela Rout

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